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Free Music Downloads by Lee Fitzsimmons

I am playing all of the instruments myself. I am also doing all of the mixing and mastering myself.

This is why is can create high quality music for such a low cost. I do not have to hire musicians and audio experts.

I am the musician and the audio expert with over 35 years of experience.

Jump On It

When You Wept __ Blue Raindance

Luxury Cove __ Love Supreme

Epic Finesse __ Speed Demon __ It's Time for the Happy Dance __ Blue Fuego

Blissful Blessedness __ Happy Is As Happy Does __ Dance of the Dark Elves __ Elegant Finesse

Right Click on the above images and then "Save Target (Link) As" to download.

Let Me Create High Quality Original Music For You

And You Would Own the Exclusive Worldwide Rights For This New Original Music Forever!

I will create custom music for you and your projects if you so desire. This is completely new and original music that is designed to your exact specifications. I can also synchronize a musical composition and its musical events to align with the exact seconds of the events on a video as they occur on-screen; all I need is a final edit of your video.

This new and original music also comes with an exclusive world-wide license. This means that only you would be allowed to use the music. No one else would ever be able to have the permission to use the work; this includes me. The license that I would sell you would last for the rest of your life; it would be completely exclusive; it would be worldwide.

* * * * *

You would also be able to have the publishing rights if you want them. While I would always receive the writer's half of the PRO royalties, you would receive the publisher's half. This would be very important if the work were to air on television--especially on the American networks. However, you would be responsible for registering the work with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. In addition, I would also be able to carry the publishing rights if you do not want them or are not a member of a PRO.

My rates begin at $195 for a 60 second clip of music. The rates increase depending on the length and complexity of the work commissioned. Usually, the rates would increase by $100 dollars for every 60 seconds of additional music.

Contact me at Lee@LeeFitzsimmons.com


If you have enjoyed the free music, then please donate...

The above link goes to a secure paypal location that accepts all major credit cards and is very easy to use.

You do NOT need a Paypal account to use your credit card.

A photo of Lee Fitzsimmons

The music on this website has always been free for personal use and will always be free to use on the internet for your book trailers. Now it is time for you to return the favor, so I can purchase some new instruments and get some of my older instruments repaired. No amount is too small.

Thank you in advance...

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Scene from a Classroom

a short story by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

"Okay, children," the teacher said. "Please turn your textbooks to page 236. Today, we shall be studying the ancient devices known as warcloths." The children obeyed and hastily followed their teacher's instructions. "These devices were used by the primitive cultures of the 21st century," she explained. "They were used to elicit emotion from the more animalistic portion of the human essence."

"My father collects these," said Jenny, a student in the class. "He has hundreds of them in our basement."

"That's right, Jenny," the teacher responded. "These devices are very valuable to many antique dealers and collectors all over the world because they have not been used for many centuries," she then dimmed the lights and turned on the three-dimensional hologram projector. The class then watched a visual presentation entitled "The History of the Warcloth."

After the documentary was over, the teacher asked her students, "So are there any questions?"

Jimmy raised his hand and asked, "So what were these devices called when they were still being used?"

"Flags," the teacher answered. "They were called flags."


* * * * *

- Contact Lee at Lee@LeeFitzsimmons.com -

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